ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Long Term or "Permanent" Financing

Conventional financing, interest subsidies, guarantee fees, tax abatements, refinancing provision at a later time, and various special circumstances like joint ventures and limited partnerships are possible. The system calculates principal and interest, kickers, ground rents, and other results of permanent financing deals. The timing of all financing transactions can be separately input, and can be before or after the opening date. Grace periods on interest and principal, as well as other special circumstances are provided for. Release provisions based on leasing performance are provided for.

AVI[59]Rounding factor for financing amounts (e.g.1000) 550  3
AVI[65]2nd mortgage loan to value ratio or $ amount 550  3
AVI[105]Credit Enhancement (e.g.annual points 1st mtge) 550  3
AVI[112]Capitalization Rate for Mortgage 550  3
AVI[106]Who Gets Credit Enhancement (see AVI[105]) 550  2
AVI[152]Exclude operating losses AVI[44] from mortgage financing(0=inc.) 550  

The "Setup"
Optimizing Financing
Long Term Financing:More Complicated
Sources Of Financing
Debt Service Schedule
Sources Of Financing II
Sources Of Financing III

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