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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Participant Roles

Entities are identified for kickers and for many other purposes as follows:

1 Developer (greatest risk and requirement to meet shortfalls) 
2 Lender (or the most senior lender) 
3 Investor (joint venture partner, or subordinated lender) 
4 Other (the construction lender) 
5 IRS (the public sector, often only the Internal Revenue Service)
6 Secondary Lender 
7 Underwriter/Syndicator 
8 General Partner 
9 Operator 
10 Tenant 

Additional entities can be identified as needed, and entities can be identified by their names if desired. However, this introduces an additional complexity to the model that usually has not been necessary.

Names of specific entities can be included in reports with the use of the "client general instruction file", also called

ENT[;8]Prtnr Share & Criteria: Entity (partner) ID # 641  1
ENT[;9]Prtnr Share & Criteria: # investment units 641  1
AVI[148]Who Accepts Developer Role 641  1
AVI[164]Who Accepts Lender Role 641  1
AVI[165]Who Accepts Investor Role 641  1
AVI[166]Who Accepts Other Role 641  1
AVI[167]Who Accepts Public (IRS) Role 641  1

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