ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Add'l Dev. Cost Inputs Often Used for "Setup"

Project planning and budget control sometimes requires additional detail for construction and development budgets. Virtually any costs (or reimburseables) can be broken out in detail provided that they are identified in the chart of accounts and in the reference table for tax treatment. If this greater level of detail is desired, it is handled through the input CM in the manner of a spreadsheet.

AVI[15]Architecture & engineering 422  3
AVI[17]Furniture & equipment 422  3
AVI[18]Misc. admin 422  3
AVI[21]Contingency, errors & ommissions 422  3
AVI[45]Working capital (no interest is earned) 422  3
AVI[14]Tenant improvements (comm) service structures (res.) 422  2
AVI[16]Elevator/escalator 422  2
AVI[19]Expensed costs (except interest) 422  2
AVI[22]Reimburseables 422  2
AVI[46]Operating reserve (on which to earn interest) 422  
AVI[122]Memo:Costs,ex land,cannot be expensed/dep/amort 422  

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