ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Original Investment

ProCash© returns the original investment to each participant as it simulates the ending sale before distributing remaining values. If the user wishes to ignore original investment and simply distribute all available cash in accord with ownership interests, then MV[29] should be set to 1.

ProCash© assumes that the developer meets any financing shortfall and also assumes that the developer can retain any financing surplus when the project is acquired or developed. When the project is sold, ProCash© assumes that surplus financing retained up front should be considered in the distribution of ending values. In other words, if he kept $100,000 of surplus financing, then when residual values are distributed he will be assumed to have gotten $100,000 and his share of the residual value will be reduced accordingly. If he user wishes to forget about the earlier surplus that was retained, then MV[46] should be set to 1.

AVI[156]Inv.Returned Before End.Vlu.(0) or Inv.Ignored (1) 628  3
AVI[170]Developer Keeps Surplus Orig. Fin. at Ending Sale 628  

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