ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

HELP System

Documentation is entirely included in an on-line help system which has several context sensitive clues from which the user may select help. When the HELP facility is summoned, any or all of the following choices for HELP will be presented.

a) Documentation on the input array that has been selected either for editing or for printing (if any).

b) Explanation of any character string located on the CRT screen which is located inside the characters < >.

c) Other likely HELP selections, for example, special function keys, or documentation on special key movement when calling HELP from the DEVPLAN editor.

d) Access to any portion of on-line documentation by a succession of choices in a tiered presentation of HELP topics.

e) Access to the HELP systems of any other DEVPLAN systems that are installed.

f) Search for a character string search entered by the user through the entire HELP system and glossary.

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