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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Data Editors

File: New Ctrl+N
File: Open Ctrl+O
File: Close
File: Delete
File: Save Ctrl+S
File: Save As
File: Print Selection
File: Print Titles
File: Print Ctrl+P
File: Page Setup
File: Print Setup
File: Exit
Edit: Undo Ctrl+Z
Edit: Cut Ctrl+X
Edit: Copy Ctrl+C
Edit: Paste Ctrl+V
Edit: Clear Ctrl+Del
Edit: Insert Ctrl+I
Edit: Delete Ctrl+D
Edit: Copy Right Ctrl+Shift+R
Edit: Copy Down Ctrl+Shift+D
Edit: Find (grey)Ctrl+F
Edit: Replace (grey)Ctrl+R
Edit: Search Again(grey)F3
Edit: Go To F5
View: Tool Bar
View: Status Bar
Data: Recalc Ctrl+Shift+C
Data: Calculation
Data: Define Name
Data: Sort (grey)
Data: Autofill List (grey)
Sheet: Set Page Breaks
Sheet: Insert Sheet (grey)
Sheet: Delete Sheet (grey)
Sheet: Color Pallette(grey)
Sheet: Default Font
Sheet: Enable Protection
Sheet: Fix Rows + Columns
Sheet: Enable Compression (grey)
Format: Alignment
Format: Font
Format: Border
Format: Pattern
Format: Cell Protection
Format: General
Format: Currency (0)
Format: Currency (2)
Format: Fixed
Format: Percent
Format: Fraction
Format: Scientific
Format: d/m/yy (D)
Format: h:mm (T)
Format: Custom Number
Format: Validation Rule
Format: Column Width
Format: Row Height
Object: Pattern
Object: Line Style
Object: Name
Object: Options
Object: Bring to Front
Object: Send to Back
Object: Select All
Help: Help Topics F1
Help: About

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