ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

The Chart of Accounts "COA"

The system has a default chart of accounts which will be used unless the user chooses to use another. If the user wishes to use another that is supplied with the system, then the location of this alternative chart of accounts should be identified in MV[41 42 43].

If the user wishes to use enter an entire customized chart of accounts, it should be entered into the 8th and 9th components of the "client instruction file" indicated by M[41] and MV[48]. Then the system should be instructed to use this chart of accounts with MV[41 42 43]. (See section on "Report Parameters").

COA for Any Type of Income Property 
COA for Shopping Centers : ULI 
COA for Office Buildings : BOMA 
COA for Large Hotels : HANYC+AHMA 
COA for Small Hotels, Motels, & Motor Hotels: AHMA 
COA for Apartment Projects 
COA for Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

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