Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development

Sales Financing

MVS[1;]Sales applicable 511  1
MVS[2;]Down Payment 511  1
MVS[3;]Interest Rate 511  1
MVS[4;]Term (in years) 511  1
MVS[5;]Average years paid (often prepaid) 511  1
MVS[6;]Payments/year 511  1
MVS[7;]Interest only (1),(0=std K pymnt) 511  1
MVS[8;]Points from buyer 511  1
MVS[9;]Sales discount 511  1
MVS[10;]Sales commission 511  1
MVS[11;]Years to exclude (hist) 511  1
MVS[15;]Row(s) of PACE applicable 511  1

If sales are to be supported by the developer taking back financing, then these inputs will be needed. The general concept behind this input structure is that the user should indicate sales financing (and factoring) terms to be assumed, and the user may do this either for the total sales program (if all sales are subject to the same terms), or by land use, or by percentages of sales within a land use. The term "group" as used in the table below can apply to sales identified in any of these terms, but the model will define these groups consistently in all periods.

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