Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development

Sales Price & Sales Proceeds

PRICE Input:Sales price for each land use (or product) 322  5
MV[28]PRICE Escalates Revenues,Not Sales(1);Calc.Sales Befo COSTMV[15] 322  1
MV[56]Land Kicker (1=PACE,CONTRACTS)(2=Land Sales) (uses TN COSTMV[16] 322  1
COSTMV[15]PRICE Escalates Revenues,Not Sales(1);Calc.Sales BeforeCos 322  
COSTMV[16]Land Kicker (1=PACE,CONTRACTS)(2=Land Sales) (uses TNC:42, 322  

The most frequent method for specifying price is to create a matrix PRICE with the same number of rows as there are rows in PACE.

Each column of price is a marketing period corresponding to the columns of PACE.

PRICE need only be specified for as many periods as increases are irregular. The last PRICE column entered will be extended for future periods and increased with the MV[6] price escalation factor.

Unit definition can be dwelling units, square feet, or acres so long as PACE and PRICE are specified similarly.

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