Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development

In-Tract Costs

MV[51]Accelerate Lot Finishing (# of months) COSTMV[13] 440  1
COAJ add'l COA entries for this project that are not in the gen 440  1
COSTMV[13]Accelerate Lot Finishing (# of months) 440  

In-tract costs for improvements within a buildable tract can usually be specified on a per unit basis. LANDEVĀ will schedule these costs in the same period as sales unless MV[51] is used to accelerate in-tract costs.

Timing of in-tract improvements (MV[51]) is specified in terms of how many periods in advance of settlement costs will be expended. ".5" would indicate half of costs expended in the prior period. "1" would say all costs in prior period.

The array INTRACT references land uses in the same order as the land uses specified in sales PACE and PRICE. Use zero as the in-tract cost assumption for land use which have no in-tract costs.

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