Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development


MV[53] 999  
MV[69]Months in Construction Cycle (for timing of related $) ° 999  
MV[70]Costs to add for sensitivity testing in MV[49] Accoun COSTMV[18] 999  
MV[71]Period to Begin Expenditure of MV[70] Costs COSTMV[19] 999  
MV[72]Periods Over Which to Spend MV[70] $ in MV[49] Accoun COSTMV[20] 999  
MV[73]Seasonality Curve for Operating Account (from < COSTMV[10] 999  
MV[78]Recalculate tax assessment rate to balance operating budget ° 999  
MV[79]New model for calculating interest ° 999  
MV[80]Version of Input Definitions (1=revised for 8/20/91 changes) ° 999  
COSTMV[10]Seasonality Curve for Operating Account (from 999  
COSTMV[18]Costs to add for sensitivity testing in COSTMV[17] Account 999  
COSTMV[19]Period to Begin Expenditure of COSTMV[18] Costs 999  
COSTMV[20]Periods Over Which to Spend COSTMV[18] $ in COSTMV[17] Acc 999  

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