Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development

Bridge, Construction, Land,& Line of Credit Financing

MV[11]Interest Rate on Line of Credit Financing CSF[;2] 540  3
MV[10]% Sales to Repay Loan(if ˆ1);$/Lot to Developer(if >1)CSF[;7] 540  1
MV[16]Factor to Round Off Financing Principal CSF[;8] 540  1
MV[17]Limit to Borrow (>1=dollar Amount)(ˆ1=% of Tot.Sales) CSF[;1] 540  1

A variety of input options are available to express financing terms. Multiple lines of financing, conventional mortgages, and financing which is fixed in takedown and repayment terms are provided for.

Construction Financing:Easiest Method
Construction Financing:More Complicated

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