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Construction Financing:More Complicated

CSF[;2]Const.fin.terms: Interest rate 542  4
CSF[;3]Const.fin.terms: Source of fin. (which entity) 542  4
CSF[;1]Const.fin.terms: Loan ceiling 542  3
CSF[;11]Const.fin.terms: Account(s) which cannot be drawn on 542  3
CSF[;7]Const.fin.terms: Repayment terms 542  2
CSF[;9]Const.fin.terms: Repay method 542  2
CSF[;10]Const.fin.terms: Accrue interest (default=pay currently) 542  2
CSF[;15]Const.fin.terms: Sequence of draws & repayments 542  2
RELPR[;1]Release Prices: Construction loan 542  2
MV[12]# Times per Year Interest is Calculated 542  1
MV[13]Accrue Interest (1) CSF[;10] 542  1
MV[14]Do not charge interest on unpaid interest 542  1
MV[54]Calculate Interest Period By Period 542  1
MV[55]Allow Model to Fail to Fully Repay Debt (1) 542  1
HOLDBACK Input:Holdback terms for land or const.financing (CSF) 542  1
BORROW Input:Input to impose schedule to borrow 542  1
CSF[;4]Const.fin.terms: When financing available 542  1
CSF[;5]Const.fin.terms: When fin. must be fully repaid 542  1
CSF[;6]Const.fin.terms: Holdback decimal 542  1
CSF[;8]Const.fin.terms: Draw/repayment rounding factor 542  1
CSF[;12]Const.fin.terms: Starting interest balance 542  1
CSF[;13]Const.fin.terms: Starting principal balance 542  1
CSF[;14]Const.fin.terms: Period/date to start calc. interest 542  1
CSF[;16]Const.fin.terms: Capitalize interest (0=expense 100%) 542  1
ACNODRAW Input:Accounts which cannot be drawn against in financing 542  1
RELPR[;2]Release Prices: Permanent loan 542  1
REPAY Input:Impose schedule to repay line of credit borrowing 542  
INTRATE Input:Periodic schedule to vary interest rates 542  

Inputs described thus far for entering financing terms work best where there is only one loan. Where more than one loan is expected to be used, other input variables are used. CSF is used for loans which are line-of-credit loans or contruction loans. Notes and mortgages with fixed takedown and repayment terms should not be entered in CSF, but in NOTEFIN and MTGES.

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