Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development

Construction Costs

MV[68]Adjustment Factor (PRODUCT & COSTREF accounts),e.g.% COSTMV[ 9] 450  1
PRODUCT[1;]PACE row to reference 450  1
PRODUCT[2;]Adj.Factor (% units to build) 450  1
PRODUCT[3;]Adj.Factor (0 or sq.ft./un) 450  1
PRODUCT[5;]Cost Rate ($/unit or $/sq.ft.) 450  1
PRODUCT[4;]Cost Rate ($/unit or $/sq.ft.) 450  
COSTMV[9]Adjustment Factor (PRODUCT & COSTREF accounts),e.g.% direc 450  

This section includes homebuilding costs (both direct and indirect), and may include indirect construction costs for land development activity even if the project does not have homebuilding activity.

Indirect construction costs and/or engineering can be specified as a percentage of development and/or construction accounts. Basis code -1 is used for this in the input array COSTREF (column 4). If a cost is entered through COSTREF or PRODUCT and it is desired that the -1 basis code will reference it, then that cost code must be entered in the input array COSTS even if all entries are zero beyond the account code entry. Also see LANDEVĀ Instruction File Topic 10.

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