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Basis Codes for Costs

Basis codes fall into four groups.

GROUP I: Basis codes as zero or negative numbers

0 - a constant -1 - is for development cost contingencies and/or for engineering costs. It causes the cost entry to be a function of all accounts identified in the variable COSTS except certain ones. (See "LANDEVĀ Instruction File Topic 10".) -2 - indicates that this item is a function of sales revenues as defined by PACE and PRICE. This code (-2) has exactly the same effect as the code 1005.

GROUP II: Basis codes between 0 & 1 refer to Instr.File Topic 7

GROUP III:Basis codes between 1 and 99999

These are codes which may draw from any of the following possibilities, in accord with how many of the five possible integer positions are used.

Integer positions are sequential, i.e. the second cannot be used unless the first is used. A basis code of 1 means reference "data as given" in the sum of all rows of PACE.

First integer position

1 - use the data as given (data is identified by 
later integer positions). 
2 - cumulative data 
3 - cumulative data, taken at the midpoint of each period 
4 - total of all data, used in each period 
5 - total of all data, used only in the period 
identified in column 5 
6 - remaining data (as in lots not sold) 
7 - uncumulated data 
8 - remaining data (as in lots not sold) - mid period 

Second integer position

0 - units as defined in PACE (or other variables as defined in 4th integer position)

1 - distribution of units as defines in PACE (or other variable)

9 - factor identified as MV[30] times the number of periods passed (use this as a carrying cost, e.g. for costs to be taken down.) (delay for the integer portions of MV [30])

Third integer position References input variables FACTORS and FACTORMAT.

1, 2, 3, etc. reference the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. elements of the vector FACTORS.

9, 8, 7, etc. reference the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc, rows of the matrix FACTORMAT.

Fourth integer position 
0 - references PACE 
1 - references CONTRACTS 
2 - references COMPLETIONS 
3 - references STARTS 
4 - references TAKEDOWN 
5 - references sales proceeds as defined by PACE & PRICE 
9 - sum of all cash flow thus far in calculations 

Fifth integer position Indicates which row of the input identified in the fourth integer position. If this position if not used, the sum of all rows will be used.

GROUP IV: Basis codes above 100,000

These are used for line items which are functions of other line items. The account code to be used as the reference base should have 100,000 added to it to derive the basis code.

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